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Server Wow Bioz

Server Wow Bioz

Title: Server Wow Bioz
Link Site: http://bioz.foroactivo.mx/forum
Description: Servidor WoW privado Custom que espera para unirte a nuestra comunidad por el momento rates elevados por el momento /Vercion en 3.3.5a y Gms atentos y dispuestos a ayudar las 24 hrs.
Categoría: WorldofWarcraft
Average Rating: 3/5 | 3/5
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*Site adaugat din data de 2011-12-30 si acceptat in aceiasi zi.

2016-10-29 04:10:05
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2013-05-29 08:19:22

2013-05-28 23:50:46
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2013-05-24 15:29:39
After night the in purgatory A1 a mode detailed experience, including the single player mode and cooperation mode, encountering a variety of elite strange and rare and strange, and whether killing off according to the specific team situation; can not kill resolutely notice teammate pass out next through direct SKIP.
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Rare and strange: with a rare name (usually blue, but at the same time may also be gold elite), it is difficult to find, but to get rid of, there is often a special surprise, because fixed and affixes equipment, regardless of the blue-loaded or yellow equipment, are to the edge, in fact, is the best SP produced strange fortune depends on it.
Open the list of your accomplishments, an achievement which lists the most rare and strange, but not all!
In addition, rare and strange fall the best equipment is not 100% drop, but if you want, you could do nothing but find them, rs gold because they can. If you encounter, but you can not beat , please hurry to invite your friends list into your game together to engage it, and to drop more than a goodly portion of luck, but also a way of getting money to the Friends of the base!
Daobao Wizard: Drop equipped with everything falling energy saving in this chapter, in addition to rare and strange part of falling!
Drop the game settings, through research nethack (known as the originator of the Diablo setting items randomly drop) settings, blade and soul gold in fact, a setting is as follows:
Rare and strange list of rare and strange list: this figure may be possible, each unique drop list of rare and strange, usually the main producing strange Need rings and necklaces;
Blue strange list: this picture ordinary strange, it may appear strange blue, just blue strange installed it must be out of the blue, drop list is the list of the world fall in each of the sections that, that does not beyond the the chapter drop the other chapters will be out equipment. (FARM A1 friend Note, A4 was a good blue-loaded, drag a drag the corpse into the A4.)
3 golden elite list: mainly wow gold used to increase this figure a bit of a challenge and entertainment, to be honest, not farm their significance, and this strange basically impossible to be done FARM their fall list and blue The strange world drop, as limited by chapter, but the yellow loading a relatively high probability it wants.
So, I'll give you advice:
Careful and meticulous to a certain figure, the difficulty is not great, you can complete single FARM again, all the blame, all the stones, all the local touch it again, and then reset it again, and so forth NNNN times and times, you can put this figure there might be rare and strange touch, we also know this "specialty".
Another supplement on suits and legendary equipment drop set: part of the world falling, broken jar and trash mobs and the like can be a goodly portion of luck, but the mobs die so much, the opportunity is always there; portion of the fixed BOSS out drop, multi-brush it, the opportunity is always there, after all, is fixed drop FARM when a lot of bad street but in the end is inevitable; part fall by rare and strange, the same can not be met seeking to encourage you and diligent traveled to every corner of the map; also part of falling exists only in the advanced chest, face.
About rare and strange location: each figure with surface and underground (cave) in two parts, this strange wandering the entire surface of each figure, that might be buried in the ground, but mainly present in the underground; each figure has a fixed number of underground cave spawn points, and each picture to refresh the total number of points is fixed, but each time the refresh only a few points, to refresh a few point and which point to refresh are random; Members diligent little more effort, run a race map, summarize the law, there will always be the outcome! ! ! ! !
Random number paradox: while the computer is set between 1-100 random samples of any single chance, from long statistical point of view, are the same, but in a short period of time during the actual operation, you extracted to a 1 and 100 chance is very small; the improved random numbers, often using double-random number divided by the ratio rounded, for example, taken from 1-100 where two duplicate number, and then divided by 2 rounded .
Refer to the above extract random set model of random numbers, each picture looks much spawn points, but a subset of locations and 1 or 100 is actually more difficult to be able to get from another point of view, mean that other spawn points easily be able to get refreshed, this rule can be found by summing.
My last most important conclusion: Some rare and strange appears only in the rare spawn points, this setting is also normal, everyone can sum up, there is always the law to be investigated!

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